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It's not all about the perfect moments, the ones you plan for in your head. It's sometimes about the people and events that effect your day and the moments they may produce. It's about going with the flow and seeing the magic that comes from that. These moments, the unplanned ones, could be considered imperfect — but that's what makes them so memorable. 


It's all in the power
of the narrative.

number one

Stories are


Kinship means family. 

nuture the community

Here to


HUman first, photographer 
second — That's how I roll.


leading with

As a documentarian, what is real and raw take precedence.

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She is the one behind it all. The chief storyteller, the one you will get to know through giggles.

Jenny Dupuis 
She spent the entire day photographing everything she could to make sure we had the most beautiful memories to hold on to.